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Stevens Urges the Senate To Keep Its Promise to Alaska; Open ANWR Now


March 16, 2005

Washington - Today, the day that the price of oil hit a record high of $56.10 a barrel, Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) went to the Senate floor to again implore the Senate to keep the promise made by a previous Congress in adopting the Jackson - Tsongas Amendment to the 1980 Lands Act. 

In his statement to the Senate, Senator Stevens urged his fellow Senators to vote against Senator Maria Cantwell's amendment to the 2006 Budget Resolution that would remove the royalties from oil development from the budget.  A vote "No" by a Senator is a vote for ANWR and for oil development. 

Senator Stevens stated "A vote for this amendment is a vote for the status quo, which my good friend Ronald Regan used to say 'is Latin for the 'mess we're in." 

He went on to say that a vote for the amendment closes the domestic energy resources to production.   "It's a vote for continuing our current policy of importing more than 60% of our nation's oil.  It's a vote for outsourcing more than 1.3 million American jobs a yearI don't think there is a senator in this Congress who would come to the floor and offer a bill that exports 1.3 million American jobs every year, will cost us $200 billion annually by 2025, and leaves our national security vulnerable to the whims of unfriendly regimes.  But by default, that's exactly what this amendment does.  A vote for this amendment is not just a vote against ANWR.  It's a vote for closing our nation's single greatest prospect for future oil production and backing out of the promise that was made to Alaskans."



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