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Alaska's 'Most Wanted' Absconders Now On The Web
AK Department of Corrections Seeks Public's Help
With Locating Probation/Parole Absconders


March 03, 2005

The Alaska Department of Corrections has posted a new web site to enlist the public's assistance in locating probationers or parolees who have stopped reporting to a probation/parole officer in violation of parole/probation conditions.

The 'Most Wanted Absconders' site contains photos and brief descriptions of the criminal history of selected probation/parole absconders. The web site instructs any person aware of an absconder's location to call the Anchorage standby officer at 907- 440- 7471. Callers outside Anchorage are directed to call toll-free: 877-376-2362.

Initially, the web page will feature 10 absconders, mostly sex offenders, felony DUI offenders, or offenders who have committed crimes against persons. After a trial period, the number featured will increase.

"Offenders on this web site have warrants so any law enforcement officer can legally arrest them," said Corrections Commissioner Marc Antrim, who cautioned the public against "confronting an offender regarding his or her reporting status."

The Alaska Department of Corrections supervises close to 5,200 felony probationers or parolees. Of these, about 900 are in abscond status.

"Many of these absconders may not be of great risk to public safety," Commissioner Antrim said. "Many just simply fail to follow up with their probation/parole officer. Some absconders, however, are more dangerous and cause concern for our department and other agencies responsible for public safety."


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Alaska's 'Most Wanted Absconders'

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