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Hoping calmer heads prevail in Congress
by Ted Wright


March 31, 2005

I'll turn 50 this summer, and as I jog the sometimes perilous path through middle age, I find myself wishing America was better than it is, that our leaders were better. But the realist in me knows that most all of them are what they are, partisan politicians whose survival and position depend on partisan politics. For me and many other Americans, these are not good times. I would be genuinely grateful to find common ground with conservatives, and often do so with moderate republicans. But I am just not wired to support or agree with most extreme conservative positions. So I figure the least I can do is respond in debates in which the liberal-progressive position seems under-represented or not fully developed. And truth be told, though I disagree with some folks, like Mr. Gosnell, I respect his view and the fact that he takes the time to present it. Conversely, I get emails from people who don't make the effort to present their position publically, and often don't have a position to present. But even their critical, caustic and often uninformed view is better than apathy.

Maybe the mid-term elections will decide the filibuster issue, ultimately. But whatever the minority party does to fight ultra conservative judicial appointees, I support. I will also be opposed to the appointment of ultra-liberal appointees when the minority again becomes the majority. In the mean time I'm hoping calmer heads prevail in Congress, as no one is well served by the extremism that increasingly divides our country.

Ted Wright
Seattle, WA - USA



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