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Fist Fights & Democracy
by Mary Hemli


March 31, 2005

Wednesday on the news they showed the Russian parliament in fist fights. News casters on different stations made derogatory statements about the men. I hope the people of this country don't really believe that our start at democracy didn't have fights. Our founding fathers were not on the top of the register. Many of them came here cause there was trouble in the fatherland and they got sent here to get out of trouble. Many of them were considered scoundrels. I wish that this country would encourage these people to keep working for the process and not teach our kids that we didn't have these things happening here.Our people were still having duels and men got shot.

These other countries are just starting and we can't expect them do have it down pat right off the bat. Our parliament is still stabbing each other in the back, lying, cheating and doing not so nice things and it has been 200 years. We might be all better off if they just went to fist-a-cuffs once in a while.

Thank you

Mary Hemli
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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