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Minuteman Project
by Kenny Graves


March 31, 2005

Why am I not surprised that someone named Melendez would come out with an article such as the one I just read from 3/24/05. You are spot on that there will be protests from some of America's finest institutions, ie: the ACLU. Why don't you shove most of the blame on the Mexican government, or lack thereof, for not taking care of its citizens. Mexico admits to its plan to repopulate the southwestern US, they are brazen about it and why not since illegal immigration nets Mexico big bucks, second only to its oil production.

In a recent survey, (not that you would be interested in any facts), California reported illegal immigrant families absorbed on average, $7,000 more than they paid in in taxes. As a citizen of the US I respect LEGAL immigration as it has been implemented here for decades, but I don't believe the taxpayers of this country are obligated to subsidize Mexico's problems.

More Americans should be made aware that many in this country are out to sell us down the river. There are just as many of us who are frustrated with our Government (the Schiavo case is the perfect example) and their unwillingness to reign in the Judicial system which is destroying our rights as a free people each and every day.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am all for LEGAL immigration and will stand up for anyone's rights as long as they don't trample on what our founding fathers set forth in our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. If our government were doing its job to protect the citizens there would be no need for THE MINUTEMAN PROJECT. Our borders must be controlled and those breaking the law should be dealt with accordingly. Thanks for your time.

Kenny Graves
Needville, TX - USA

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Thursday - March 24, 2005



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