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If miminum wage abolished?
by Robert Fruehan


March 30, 2005

Mr. Branco, I have enjoyed reading your rebuttals and I really only have one point to make. If the minimum wage were abolished, what would stop industries that utilize unskilled labor positions from becoming like a sweatshop in China?

And by the way there are people living off of minimun wage (with lots of overtime) in this community. They are also sharing housing to make this work. If they were not protected under the minimum wage, would they be making enough to live on? Do you think it is ethical for a business (if there were no minimum wage) to pay people 2-3 dollars per hour for work because they can? With the prices of rent and food, that would not be possible for an unskilled worker to live on. What would stop that from happening? Just wondering what your thoughts were on that.

Robert Fruehan
Sand Point, AK - USA

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