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Living wills
by Kara McElroy Steele


March 29, 2005

This whole thing with Terry Schiavo has brought a huge thing to light, that hopefully more people pick up on. LIVING WILLS. They are so important, and if one had been in place before poor Mrs. Schiavo had her stroke years ago, this all could have been avoided, period. Her poor parents, her husband, and loved ones have been put through hell and back, watching her basically die a slow, horrible death because a silent piece of paper wasn't in place to speak for her before she got sick. Everyone should take this and learn from it if anything. Congress shouldn't have gotten involved, judges, nor the governor of Florida. We can keep Congress and Big Brother out of our lives by taking charge of ourselves. This is a family issue. Remember that if you happen to check into the hospital, and they ask you if you have an "Advanced Directive"? That is what that is. For more information, you should call KGH information to get what you need to fill out a living will so this doesn't happen to you or one of your own precious family members.

Peace and love,

Kara McElroy Steele
Kenai, AK - USA


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