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Lip service only to "Pro Life" values
by Leslie Katz


March 25, 2005

If Terri dies, Michael Schiavo will have to exercise "best behavior" (A tough thing to do for an allegedly verbally abusive possibly physically abusive man.). If he exhibits any of his sickness the US government will have incredible egg on their faces as it comes to light that they were powerless and yes even assisting in the cold blooded murder of Terri Schiavo. In normal circumstances, the elected officials who have assisted Michael kill his wife would be called "accessories to murder. Let's call a spade a spade.

I think anyone marrying in this country should have to provide a living will or at the very least an advanced directive the same as they have to provide a blood test and kept on file in the county they marry in.

In the mean time, now that this case has come into the national spotlight, with Michael's every move, he will, I predict be discovered as an abuser and show the world that our country only pays lip service to the "pro Life" values. God help our country.

Leslie Katz
San Diego, CA - USA



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