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Cruise ship Berth C option
by Robert Fruehan


March 20, 2005

Following is a comment that I thought needed a few comments on: "I don't see that any reasonable person can see that 500 feet of open water ... will put (a cannery) out of business, he said, referring to the space between the proposed dock in alternative C and the entrance to the cannery." This is from developer Chris Herby.

Mr. Herby, it is plainly obvious that you have not watched any of the waterfront activity during the summer in front of these canneries for such a comment to come from you! As a developer I see that you are striving for the lowest cost solution so that more profit can be derived.

I challenge you to go speak with the Fleet Managers of both canneries and get their viewpoints of how the 500 feet is utilized. We are not simply talking about a dock being built here, but huge ships tied to these docks will create unassailable problems for these canneries. Go talk to them so you can "see" how 500 feet makes the difference!

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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