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New Play Area At Pioneers' Home
by Licha Kelley-King


March 20, 2005

Thank you for the darling picture by Wendy Olson of the ribbon cutting at the Pioneer Home for the playground First City Rotary donated and installed. I have talked to so many people involved with the children's class meeting there and have been moved to tears by their stories. What a wonderful thing for all involved to have multi-genrations together, learning and playing and caring for each other! Sometimes we isolate factions of our society and everyone loses. With this project, it is a win on all scores.

I saw the Rotary members putting together the equipment and they were so excited about the kids playing on it and the elders being able to be part of those little lives. Each one of those men and women took thier own time and efforts to make sure this was a good project. Bruce King took much time agonizing over which piece of equipment would be just right, would fit well and the kids would like. Bruce's generous, tender heart poured into heading this project and he quietly made it all happen. He would never seek recognition, that isn't his way. But isn't he just cute in that picture with those kids?! Thanks Rotary and thanks Sitnews.

Licha Kelley-King (Mrs Bruce King!)
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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