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Do more research
by Kara McElroy Steele


March 20, 2005

Obviously Mr. Turnbull is another of those folks who like to try and "tell" us Alaskans how we should run our state as so many others have done in the past. He obvisously has done zero research on how the the current oil companies who are up on the north slope (BP, Conoco Phillips, Unocal etc) are VERY conciencious of the way they handle things up there. Places that operate here in the Kenai Peninsula in actual wildlife refuges work together with the oil companies that are in the middle of them take extra care to avoid any disruptions that could cause any harm to the ecosystem. In fact, its the first thing that is immediately taken care of.

Do more research before you come up with weird ideas like solar panels and other wild ideas for us to get "cleaner" energy. Southeast for instance is a RAINFOREST that gets over 14 ft of rain per year. Interior Alaska sees about 6 hrs of day light during the winter, and summer lasts for about 4 months. The rest is rain, fog and snow and darkness. If you're lucky, the occasional sunshine will come out to brighten your day!

By-the-way, what sort of vehicle do you drive? Unless it's a solar paneled, or new hybrid electric car, you're right up there with the dirty money people!

You also may want to read our Governor's nice letter regarding ANWR, it's definitely worth the read. Thanks Frank!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends in Ktown, I miss you tons!

Much Love and Peace,
Kara McElroy Steele
Kenai, AK - USA

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