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Where is the power?
by Robert McRoberts


March 18, 2005

Why has there been no money going to the Swan Lake intertie? Seems to me that now we are going to build a big express lane to Gravina and open up all this land for business and all. They need to get set up - get the power over to Seley's mill and start before he can not afford to operate for fuel cost and you choke the small guys off.

This kind of company is what we need for Alaska. He takes the logs and makes a finished product for the next American to take and build their products. You can not give every thing to the shipyard and not the rest. Think of the great environmental impact of not having to have everyone on Gravina running generators all day.

I have been wondering how it adds up per person. How much is given to the shipyard to keep them working? I am sure it is more than what is taken from me in a personal property tax. I invested my own home to keep myself in a job. You can ruin my credit because I can not get through the winter with you taking from me. And you wonder why I am sore. Will you pay for my power for the winter? I am just glad you did not shut me off when I was 30 days late. Most of us are only holding on by our will power.

I have been told by a friend of a friend to stop writing. I am sorry I brought out some points you did not want to hear. But they were my thoughts and they're out. I can not stop.

I want to let out things so we can make living here more enjoyable. So when you're behind that car with the happy face on the back going 30 in a 50 mile zone you don't freak out. And I would like to say I helped in making it better here. I hope my daughter will want to live here when she gets out of school.

I do hope that by saying the house on 3rd and Jefferson must go in previous letters that I did not encourage someone to burn it down. My friend said that those kinds of kids do not read Sitnews - but I can see all kinds read Sitnews.

I hope that we get through another jam pact season without running over one of the tourist walking out from between the busses. I never want to see that - but I swear it has been so close. And for God's sake, the bike riders scare me to death. I have had a lot of close calls where I had to swerve to the other lanes to avoid them, putting me head on in the other lanes to avoid them. We need to make the roads safer and encourage more to ride bikes. When we were kids we rode everywhere - now it's not the healthiest thing to do on these streets.

But like always it's just my opinion... and who cares?

Jerry I will donate one dump truck to haul waste to the real dump on behalf of the Ketchikan Snow Mobile Club and Dig It Construction. We all know how bad it looks and I thought we should do something also... after all they littered in our play ground. Call me to confirm a plan.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


I was wondering why when I have tried to kill the moss in my yard by putting chemicals on it that it is still mossy? Is it because it rains so much that it all washes off into the bay? Well I can live with the moss and think I can eat a fish.


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