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by Jerry Cegelske


March 17, 2005

A great big "Thank You" to Boy Scout Troop 4 for cleaning up the littered section of Tongass South of the Coast Guard Base to Forest Park.  This is traditionally one of the dirtiest sections of road in the community.  They even picked up the bags of trash they collected and properly disposed of them!   They did great job and it is much appreciated by the people that drive that section of road- amazing what you don't see now!
Another "Thank You" to the citizens that called the Troopers when they observed a truck carrying trash south on Tongass past Herring Cove.  Some of the load fell off the truck and was reported by the guys at DOT ("Thanks" to you also!).  Funny thing- I don't remember the community landfill dumpsite being out that way, but I guess he was just going out to look at the waterfall and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ketchikan area, the same area tourists come to enjoy!  A citation was apparently issued for the un-secured load.
Isn't it nice that someone is working to protect your interests in trying to keep Ketchikan cleaner?  I like the community involvement and that is why we're inviting you to get involved with helping to make Ketchikan a little cleaner, have some fun and get some exercise!
On April 16th the Cape Fox Corporation,  the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and some other organizations to be named later, are sponsoring a cleanup of Revilla Road (New Ward Lake Road for you old timers) from Ward Cove to Lake Harriet Hunt.  I know this is a big job and a lot of work but there is enough community spirit to do it and do it well.  The Girl Scouts, Community Connections, Ketchikan Youth Court, and other community organizations will be helping out.
Plans are not finalized but local businesses and Cape Fox Corporation are donating merchandise and gift certificates for some "hidden prizes".   It will be a fun day to spend with others in helping the community and maybe getting one of the prizes.
We expect more involvement from the business community and will have more information out later.
I have mentioned this to several people and the response it "I want to help- I"ll be there".  A great can do attitude! A Ketchikan Attitude!
Your help and participation would also be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Cegelske
Code enforcement - Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Ketchikan, AK - USA

jpg Lawnmower

Lawnmower along Revilla Rd.

Spent shotgun shells

Half burned pallets

Drier and tires to be cleaned up

Shot up propane tanks

Car bumper and magazines


Shot up televisions

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