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Farming Alder for fine marketable lumber
by John Stewart


March 16, 2005

For a number of years I have used Alder for building furniture and kitchen counter tops, it also makes an excellent flooring. I wonder if the corporations holding these vast tracts of land have ever considered farming the Alder rather than figuring ways to kill it and god knows what else in the process? It is a fast growing species classified as a hardwood that could easily be limbed at an early stage to produce fine marketable lumber.

How about starting a flooring factory? The other indigenous species are also suitable with proper finishing. There is a trade deficit in high quality wood flooring and only a few million feet a year would keep a large operation in business.

Some time back, an article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the sales/resale value of high end homes. The number one item to spend extra attention on is the floor and wood flooring is high on the list. Seems there might be an opportunity to fill a need with large holdings of forested land and a willing and able workforce.

John Stewart
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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