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School construction costs
by Tom LeCompte


March 11, 2005

Dear Friends,

With all due respect to my Buffalo Brother Hunter, GET REAL! The Golden Gate Bridge only took 4 years and $35 Million to build. I've got a fin to lay down that McLate and Over Budget Construction Co. won't come in in half the time or money, even though they got another 4 mil this last election. Any takers? Wanna bet that they'll ask for more money before it's over? Allusions to Creek Street and historical learning seem apropos here.

The White Pass and Yukon Railroad took 26 months and 10 Million.

Anyone remember the Kingdome? Took 4 years, 1972 -1976, cost 63 Million, must 've been the 18 bathrooms for women, 16 for me, and 7 handicap accessible. (and the Kingdome rub was, there were never enough WC's.

Space Needle? Started April 17th 1961, Opened the Seattle World's Fair on March 24th, 1962. 347 days! Tallest structure West of the Mississippi for years. Largest continuous cocrete pour on the West Coast, to this day!

Of course these projects had more than a couple guys working at any given time. I'd like to see work records from McGraw to see how many guys were on that project from week to week. Not as many as I might imagine to do a re-model.

The long term effects are a very disrupted system in our buildings around the school district, although everyone has tried to make the best of it. I'm not holding my breath for next year. Hopefully the Borough Assembly will hold their (McGraw's ) feet to the fire. Or some other body parts.

...And hopefully we can build public projects without having to take the lowest (-but-soon to-be-revised-upward-) bid.

Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, Ak - USA



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