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Proud of Revilla
by Tanner W. Birch


March 11, 2005

I am a student at Revilla High School, and I am glad to say that I am proud to represent my school. When I first attended Revilla I was behind in my school years and I was not very confident with the way things were going for my life. But from the very second I entered the building I was greeted by the greatest people I have ever met, the people I now am glad to consider some of my closest friends.

My last 3 years at Revilla have been the best years of my life. When I first started attending the teachers at Revilla did not judge me by my appearance or my shy attitude but instead they got right with me and started teaching me from the very second I stepped on the property. All of the people at Revilla are very dedicated to seeing their students graduate and I know this because now, thanks to the wonderful staff, I will now be a proud graduate of the year 2005.

The teachers opened up to me and they made me feel comfortable from the beginning. They watched me work and they discovered the best way to help teach me, I have learned my greatest life lessons at this school and I proudly display the school colors. All of the teachers and the students become so much more than random people passing through one's life, they become your friends and family. In fact I have heard more than one person at Revilla say the exact quote "We are family, We are the Revilla family".

I must say that Revilla does have a different structure than some other schools but it is a structure that does not judge. You don't have to work around the structure, the structure works with you. It does have its guidelines like all schools should but these guidelines are set with nothing less than every student's graduation in mind. The teachers all have their rules but they will never leave anyone out or single any person out at all. You are given a choice at how you want your school experience to be. You are given the choice to stay on your original mapped out graduation from the day you are entered into elementary school or you can test your potential and exceed the standards and move ahead in school towards an early graduation.

I must say thank you to all the staff. Every single one of you has touched my life and made an imprint. Not just anyone could be a part of the teaching team at Revilla, it takes someone very special who cares about nothing more than helping make the lives of children better and ensuring that they succeed.

As a graduate this year, I am honored to walk with my pears at my graduation but I am also saddened to know that I will not have to wake up every morning and be at school by 8:10 everyday. But I am prepared and I am ready to face whatever life has to throw at me. I am willing to be strong and stand and face my life with a great education and know that not only has my school made me a better and stronger person but I, like every student who attends Revilla, will not be soon forgotten by the people who make my school into my favorite place to be.

I am a Revilla Student, I am a Brother in the Revilla Family, I am a Revilla Eagle, and I am especially proud to be all of those.

Thank you for reading what I have to say.

Tanner W. Birch
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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