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Fed up with bureaucratic sinkhole
by David Hanger


March 04, 2005

A couple observations: Some 15-odd years ago Bob Weinstein began his local political career as one of three members of a local group called IRATE, formed to protest certain rate increases at KPU.  Funny isn't it, therefore, that under Weinstein's tenure as mayor KPU has been used as a hammer to pound down those businesses local bigwigs don't like, to subsidize businesses local government prefers, and to put the rest of us locals in our place with dramatic price increases. 

This all occurs I am told because KPU is operating as a business.  Strange business isn't it that destroys private sector competition and is still losing millions of dollars on its operations, by their own admission at least $500,000 annually on their internet, more than a million more 'fessed up to' in the paper earlier this week, and lots more hiding behind the scenes.  Hey, GCI TV really does suck, but how does that translate to KPU having the right to go out and set up its own TV operation, which based on all prior experience will lose millions more. 

Businesses that lose money go bankrupt and shut down.  Managers who operate businesses that lose tons of money are summarily fired.  I am told KPU operates as a business, but by the record and the standards it maintains that is a damned lie.  KPU is a bureaucratic sinkhole that is being managed by a squad unhesitatingly willing to jack your rates up to cover their incompetence and to sustain their vendettas against certain private sector businesses and individuals.

Do they have to put you out of business before you get fed up with this crap?

David Hanger
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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