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30-year subsidy?
by Jay Jones


March 02, 2005

Reading the paper I see that AIDEA is requesting a 30 year subsidy for the Shipyard. Evidently that dog won't hunt without the ratepayers/taxpayers continued support. Expect rates for both to go up accordingly. Manager Bob Burke is quoted as saying "Many considerations should be taken into account". I agree.

Before we are asked to support the Shipyard, let the City do an audit and make the books public. I am still curious how much Tyler Rental charges to rent a hammer. That must be part of that "broad value to the area". And what do the owners and managers make? And how many employees were hired from Seattle? And what does the Shipyard pay for rent? Is it still $1,800 per month? It's time to let that dog hunt on it's own.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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