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Gaming Funds KIC
by Elroy C. Edenshaw Jr.


March 02, 2005

Dear friends,

This is more of a letter to give you the heads up on an important issue now on the table of our KIC tribal council for consideration.
The issue is that they plan on taking the gaming funds away from the membership. The plan is that the gaming funds would go towards a economic development deficit. which is $500,000+ in the hole. Also part of the plan would be that the gaming funds would continue to go to that deficit for the next five years or till economic development is in the black.
My opinion is that the funds generated from our gaming should go to the membership. Which is what the funds are meant for in the first place. My feeling is there needs to be some other solution concerning the deficit in economic development. To me taking away from the membership to fix bad decisions from the past is wrong. I would like to see some other solution to this deficit. Punishing the membership is wrong. The funds from gaming should and always continue to go to the membership, no matter what happens at KIC.

I don't know how some of you feel about this? But, for my self I feel that the membership should step up to the plate and speak up and let our tribal council know this is wrong or at least come up with some other solution.
I only ask you that feel the same as I do to do something about it. Like, writing letters to our tribal council. Maybe calling or e-mailing our tribal council to express your concern or going to KIC tribal council meetings and speaking to our tribal council during persons to be heard.
I would like to encourage you to speak to other tribal members of this, even if you think this is appropriate action. At least if more members know of this action and they decide to speak for or against this issue to our tribal council, then at least our tribal council can make a good sound decision based on our membership's needs. Which, should be how things should be done at KIC. Not done by a select few.
Please- do something.
Thank you,

Elroy C. Edenshaw Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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