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Local travel needs...
by Peter Ellis


March 27, 2004

Perhaps the Ketchikan community and Southeast Alaska should be considering an approach to Horizon Airlines and encouraging it to offer once a day service to Ketchikan and twice a day service, with that daily airplane, to all of the communities in Southeastern Alaska plus Whitehorse and Prince Rupert. This would certainly facilitate our local travel needs and avoid the inconvenience and delays inherent in the Alaska Airlines schedule as well as that of the Alaska State Ferry System.

Also needed is an effort toward some planning in terms of dealing with the traffic that will be generated as a result of travel to and from the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and both before and after the event. I have seen little to no thinking as to encouraging the potential of Ketchikan promoting itself to serve as a northern gateway to Prince Rupert and British Columbia for those Olympic visitors who may want to fly in to Ketchikan International and proceed to Vancouver from a different northerly direction. There could certainly be some attractive alternatives in terms of ferry, airline and cruise ship availability.

Peter Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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