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Southend dumping
by Jerry A. Cegelske


March 27, 2004

Thank you very much for the assistance Sitnews has given the Borough citizens in making them aware of the serious littering problem in Ketchikan.

The litterers are dropping to very low standards. This morning while going to deliver a littering citation, I saw wood and a pallet dumped in the Rotary Beach parking lot. Probably from a planned beach bonfire that didn't work out. Just what a mother wants her children to be exposed to on a nice day at the beach! Does anybody understand that the dumpers are putting us and our pets at risk everytime they dump things such as this. You can't see the nails in the wood, but they are there. Who accepts the liability for this. Since it is public property, you do! You are responsible if someone gets hurt. What if you had to make an emergency exit from the road due to an accident and you drove into the pile of wood and the pallet, or tried to avoid it and hit a child on the way to the beach? It is not a pleasant thing to think of but the dumpers don't think of anything but themselves.

Truck left at Mt. Point boat ramp

I hope someone sees this and is fed up enough with all the dumping going on to call and let me know who did it.

Enough of the serious stuff, now for Sports!

The Southend Litterbugs are apparently tired of being in second place in the League standings and have done some tremendous things to increase their standings and scoring. Leading off with the wood dumped at Rotary Beach as a start. Next we have a junk vehicle at Mt. Point, a good score for the Litterbugs! They also scored with the oil filters dumped at mile 10.5 along with some brake shoes! These guys are talented and imaginative! To finish off we have several new cases of just dumping trash! But they are looking good in doing it as it came from NORDSTROM's! It takes all kinds to properly litter a community and score well.

It will be interesting to see what the Northend Serious Dumpers respond with this weekend to continue the exciting contest to see who can do the most to make Ketchikan a real dump from one end of the road system to the other. I know the Southend Litterer's are intent on making this a contest and refuse to give up!

I talked with a gentleman knowledgeable in the road litter aspect. He said he is ready to move out of this dump. Don't tell me people aren't affected by it. Maybe we should tax people as they come into town so someone can clean the ditches every day. It would be easier to vote the pigs off the island since they don't respect the beautiful gift they have here.

Disgustingly yours,

Jerry A. Cegelske
Code Enforcement Officer
Ketchikan, AK - USA



Wood and pallet deposited at Rotary Beach


Oil filters and paper dumped at mile 10 S.Tongass Highway

Fresh trash at mile 8.5 S. Tongass


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