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Revilla Students
by Rick Grams


March 25, 2004

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of listening to a group of students speak to the school board about why they attend Revilla High School. Once again, these students have spoken impressively and with absolute conviction in their voices.

The students I heard this evening, spoke about a process that has been the same "recipe for success" as the companies that are listed in the top ten of the Fortune 500 all around communication. As I listened intently (they were that good), I could see leadership qualities being expressed. In the corporate world, these qualities come from leadership trainings such as Six-Sigma, Balanced Scorecards, TQM, and more. To its credit, Revilla is implanting these qualities in the school's day to day environment, or at least that's the result I see coming out of the school.

This evening, in front of the school board stood some of our finest leaders Revilla High School students. They expressed their human interactions, justified how the school makes them feel welcome, and combined this information with the knowledge they have learned first hand.

If I had to go through High School all over again, I'd have to go to Revilla!

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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