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Re: Garbage Disposal
by David Landis


March 24, 2004

It feels like the community is close to reaching critical mass for a solution with the recent discussion regarding garbage dumping along the roadsides. I'm looking forward to helping bring forward the eventual policies that will mitigate this regrettable situation - it can't come soon enough!

I'd like to thank Jerry Cegelske, the Society of American Foresters and Sitnews contributors for bringing this issue to light -- and actually DOING something about it. I would also like to encourage the community-at-large to "keep up the heat" for a resolution to this dreadful problem.

Finally, I will add that EDUCATION is a vital component of any effort to truly clean up this - or any - community. For example, I remember growing up in Ketchikan fishing, cutting bait, tossing the bait packaging overboard - seemed like everyone did it ! I am so ashamed of these actions now, but we can all use such learning experiences to steel our resolve to forge a decent, safe and sanitary Ketchikan.

Please call or email me if you have any thoughts or ideas. I'll listen!

David Landis
Ward Cove, AK - USA



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