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Questioning to better understand is good...
by Caroline Luckey


March 24, 2004

Let's think of our Tribal organization as a business that operates for the benefit of the best interests of the people as a whole. KIC is scrutinized and its funding is reliant upon public opinion. It is not good business to have a board member of KIC, and let us compare to the hospital board practices, go out and publicizes mistakes that the other board members make and employees of the company. There are liability issues. Comparably how would it be for a Member of our own Ketchikan General Hospital to go out and make these statements about Ketchikan General Hospital?

As a Tribal Member I ask Council Members to be a bit more professional when handling these matters. To act as leaders that will protect our tribe as a whole. Board Members are in a position to make some change in the policies that govern our tribe. They have our trust upon election.

As for the questions that come with what travel is needed and are there alternatives to travel, it is for our Tribal Council to address such questions. And they are good ones.

I believe that the stipend for travel is appropriate within reason. I work professionally and take personal time from my job to serve as a representative of my tribe. I do not expect to be paid for my services; however, I do miss work and I use my own resources for reports and contacts. I believe that it is appropriate to compensate our leaders for their time to be away from their families and work. Questioning things to better understand is good. Thanks for being positive about it.

Walk in beauty.

Caroline Luckey
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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