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Jim Pinkerton Story
by Maxine Burt Jurcan


March 23, 2004

I enjoyed June Allen's article about Jim Pinkerton. We saw him almost everyday walking down Quinn Street on his way to work. Quinn Street was actually a hill made of large horizontal wooden planks. The street fell into disrepair when Mr. Pinkerton was mayor. In order to get some action he climbed into one of the larger holes and had the newspapers take his picture. My father, Reed Burt, told me this story. If it is not accurate, I apologize. I have a special place in my heart for Mr. Pinkerton because he gave me my first job. It was to answer questions for the tourists in a small information booth located on the docks. My dad called me "Miss Information" all summer long!

Maxine Burt Jurcan

Bellevue, WA - USA



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