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RE: Let's Go On Vacation
by Caroline Luckey


March 23, 2004

Travel for our tribe is a necessity for the proper representation of our people. If there is a problem with abuse of privileges I certainly do hope that it is addressed appropriately by our tribal government. It amazes me how some members of our Tribal Council feel so privileged to scold our people publicly. I hope that our Tribal Council is also looking at how we handle these matters of disrespect.

While I fully believe in freedom of speech I do not support negative press about my Tribal organization. It is imperative that we handle these matters with the utmost respect as we would with an employee. Even Tribal Leaders have rights. I do hope that proper discipline will ensue with the respect that any human deserves in our civilized society.

It would be good to hear some positives from our Tribal Leaders if something public is to come about. If one tears down the people one tears down the institution.

Walk in Beauty.

Caroline Luckey
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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