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We all have the right to choose!
by Suzan Thompson


March 22, 2004

Regarding the failure of the city council to pass a smokefree ordinance for Ketchikan, I had the following idea. A friend gave me some new perfume for Christmas. It smells something like how the Oakland Raiders' locker room would smell after a hard-fought game which went into double-overtime, particularly if during the last twenty minutes of the game the players had been carrying weasels in their pants. Many people have told me that they hate to be around it, but it's my personal choice to wear it. I think I'll start attending city council meetings regularly and spraying this all around my chair. I've become addicted to it, so I'll have to reapply frequently throughout the meetings. If a cloud of it drifts up front and the council members don't enjoy breathing it as much as I do, they could always get up and move. Or they could exercise their right to hold their meetings elsewhere. Whatever. We all have the right to choose!

Suzan Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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