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Ordinance Defeated - YOU explain it to the children
by Joseph Branco


March 19, 2004

A sage member of CHARR reflected that it is too bad the money spent on the ordinance couldn't have been spent educating children. I think the council did just that. They taught the children the old adage, "Do as I say not as I do." What a shameful hypocrisy.

I spend every day in the classrooms of Ketchikan teaching children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Following the city council's decision, it feels like a fruitless effort when adults contradict the message to children.

I am interested in a new ordinance. Any restaurant with a smoking section must be adult only "to protect the children." Freedom is granted to those who can self determine. Surely CHARR, who is so concerned with children, would support such an ordinance that protects innocent youths.

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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