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Mental Health Timber Sales
by Dave Kiffer


March 17, 2004

I'm not sure if everyone has noticed the Mental Health Lands Trust legals ads in recent issues of the Ketchikan newspaper, so I thought I would bring them to Sitnews readers' attention.

Mental Health currently owns hundreds of acres of land in the Ketchikan area and it has determined that it is time to maximize its return on those lands by logging up to 90 million board feet of timber. The Trust was given the land by the State of Alaska in order to generate money to provide services. This is a similar situation to the University of Alaska which was also given land throughout the state to provide revenue. Given the concern expressed when the University of Alaska offered a much smaller timber sale in the Herring Cove area, it would behoove residents to check with the borough planning department and the Mental Health trust itself to see how those operations could effect their property. In addition to the Leask Lakes Parcel on upper George Inlet, Mental Health owns large chunks of land on the Ketchikan side of Gravina Island above the airport, between Ward Cove and Ketchikan, and along the uplands south of Ketchikan from Deer Mountain all the way to Mountain Point. Mental Health is taking comments on the proposed timber sales. You can call Mental Health's Doug Campbell at (907) 269-8658 to find out which specific properties are scheduled for sale and to make comments about the sales. The deadline for comments is April 14th.

Dave Kiffer
Ketchikan, Alaska



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