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Can you hear that sucking sound?
by Jay Jones


March 16, 2004

Can you hear that sound, that sucking sound coming from Ward Cove? That's the sound of your tax dollars being sucked down another rathole. Certain Borough officials have called the Ward Cove mess a good deal for the Borough. Show me on paper. One week they say they can make 1 million dollars on rent from AMHS over 20 years and the next week they find out that demolition clean-up and repairs on just the wood room and powerhouse will cost 2 million. Between that and the recent land giveway next door, that sucking sound is turning into a roar. And those are just the latest costs.

Can someone give me a tally as to the amount of money that place has cost taxpayers so far? Maybe this is one of those things that Gov. Murkowski and other politicians and assorted bureaucrats refer to as "essential services". You know, the sort of things that us "fierce, proud, and independent Alaskans" are demanding to be funded. If there is no more room for government cuts on any level, state or local, then, according to the guv, everything else is "essential services".

Wasn't it State money that bought the rathole at Ward Cove to begin with? And the Shipyard? And that defunct processing plant in Anchorage? And I remember something about a bowl factory.

If you listen to all the political hacks in government and the "watchdog media", state and local governments are cut to the bone and the taxpayer (walking wallets) need to ante-up some more. I don't believe it. It's the "Big Lie". Let Murkowski define his term "essential services" and let the people define "ratholes". I want to hear your favorite stories of state and local "ratholes".

And the next time you hear a politician or media type use the term "essential services" ask them if they know what the rate of increase of the state or local budget is compared to the rate of increase of the population. Do you know? Or are you just a "walking wallet".

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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