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Tom Carlin: A hero of the first order
by Lance Mertz


March 15, 2004

I would like to second June Allen's comments about Tom Carlin. During our lives we are priveleged to meet a few special individuals and if we are lucky someone that is truely a hero. Tom was a hero of the first order. I had the opportunity to talk to him during the Legion convention here last summer and learned of his extraordinary career in the Marine Corps, during which he was underage and undersized.

All of us who served belong a brotherhood, but a few of us stand out as someone we all must remember and honor above others. Tom was such.

Tom was a Marine and a great guy who never stopped giving to others. My condolences for to his family for the loss of their husband, father and friend.

Semper Fi!

Lance Mertz
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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