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Weekly trash report
by Jerry A. Cegelske


March 13, 2004

Just to update people on the couch, loveseat and exercise equipment. They were removed by the people that dumped them. Just to make sure people got to see something when they went out there to check on them, someone dumped a refrigerator and a freezer to take their place!

If anyone gets a chance to drive on Revilla Road, they should drive to mile 4 where there is a turnout and look around. This is what I saw on Friday morning. I will be making this my project for the coming week, hopefully with good results. It will take several thousands of dollars to clean this mess up but the dumpers didn't have to pay anything at the dump and that is what counts, right. Unfortunately these photos show only half of what is there.

Rather disgusting.

Jerry A. Cegelske
Code Enforcement Officer
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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