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Re: Another option for new library structure not yet explored
by David Landis


March 10, 2004

I read Patrick Jirschele's recent letter several times in short order, "testing" it to see if my initial interest was warranted... and it was! I don't know what Mr. Jirschele's background is -- but having more than a passing familiarity with architects, engineers and commercial contractors, I can see that he is onto something here. Technical challenges notwithstanding (and there are certainly some difficulties and expenses), the vistas that could be had up and down the creek would be amazing and peaceful both at once. It also inspires a youthful glee to think of crossing over the bridge and lingering awhile with a book and a cozy armchair. It is a daring suggestion, Patrick, but one that will be criticized as impractical and shoved off to the margins... However, I am compelled by the mental picture that lingers, and wanted to lend my support for a whimsical yet perfectly appropriate alternative.

My immediate family members have got to be some of the heaviest users of the local library. In aggregate, at any one time, we have 40-60 items (mostly books) checked out. We were asked for some initial input into the conceptual library design last year, and as I recall, one of our prime concerns was the offensive odor of decaying salmon in the nearby creekbed. Now, though, when I weigh that detractor against the inspired design concept my new pardner' Patrick (I don't believe we've met...) came up with, I find myself almost relishing the mentally malodorous bouquet.

Bravo, Patrick!

David Landis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

p.s. I was privileged to have known Jinks (or Jenks, variously) since my childhood in Ketchikan. I miss him.


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