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Keep Ketchikan beautiful
by Don Hoff Jr.


March 07, 2004

Stop littering in Ketchikan.

Have your local Governments pass a ordinances for stiffer fines and jail time for littering or dumping garbage along the road sides. Right now Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia have ordinances that if you can not pay your fines for crimes like D.U.I., other traffic violations or minor crimes, get both fine and/or community service. The solution was to work your fines off by doing "Community Service" picking up trash along the road ways. The people that have to do community service clean up work on weekends in a certain area to be clean that is scheduled that week. The State and or the City provides orange vests, gloves, plastic garbage bags and pick up along the road side.

I remember in the mid-60's and early 70's in Ketchikan that the people in jail did community service. They were out in their orange jump suits cleaning up the sidewalks, picking up trash, washing police cars and etc. Today in Alabama, they brought back the chain gang with the black and white strips jump suits - you will see them along the road side working. So, don't let the local officals make up excuses why they can't have or bring back community service.

The only other solution to the litter problem in Ketchikan is to have the State of Alaska D.O.T. and City workers do their job and keep the road sides clean. Put your tax dollars back to work, these people get paid good wages to keep the road sides clean, get on them.

The City of Ketchikan use to have a Clean Up Week in the early spring. You can clean up your yards, clean out your attic, basement of junk, trash and stack it on the curb for pick up.

Tell your local elected officals to keep Ketchikan clean or elect people that will keep Ketchikan a beautiful place to live.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Ganax a di Clan
Yei l hit
Taan ta kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA




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