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Herring fishery in West Behm Canal
by Jonathan and Nancy DeWitt


March 07, 2004

Dear Sitnews, Here is a letter we sent to Governor Murkowski this week, we would encourage those who care about the pending herring fishery in West Behm Canal to do the same.

Jonathan and Nancy DeWitt
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Dear Governor Murkowski:

We are writing you in regards to stopping the herring fishery in West Behm Canal this spring. We have lived in Ketchikan all our lives. I remember a time when we would go down to the docks and fish for all the herring we wanted. We can't do that anymore, there are no herring there, the herring stocks have been severely depleted due to the herring fishing in the Kashakes area.

Now the fishery is due to start in West Behm Canal this spring, no one wants to see that happen except for a few fishermen who stand to gain little if this fishery opens. West Behm Canal is a wonderful place to watch whales, and other sea mammals, eagles, shore birds, it's a great place to fish, we depend on this area for our subsistance. If the herring stocks are depleted in this area the animals which depend on the herring will also go away, and so on down the chain. That will be an economic disaster as well. The money made from a herring fishery is far less than the money generated now from the business operating in that area.

We urge you to stop this fishery, in which there is nothing to gain, but much to lose. Please give this matter your personal attention.


Jonathan and Nancy DeWitt




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