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To ban smoking or not to ban smoking
by Neil Gray


March 02, 2004

Smoke or not to smoke; Ban smoking or not to ban smoking.
I don't believe smoking will ever go away. California has a few problems, but since I've been here here there's one thing they took care of that's okay: Smoking regulations. Restaurants, bars, public buildings, etc are non smoking. If you want to smoke, you go outside. Banning smoking is not the answer. Do what what California did and keep smoking out of public buildings. There was resistance at first in the bars, but after a series of citations and fines it leveled out. It didnt hurt business. Many lounges and bars have an outside patio area anyway. Even in bowling centers where smoking is illegal, it didnt hurt business as many over the years thought it would. It probably improved business. About the only public place you can smoke here is in the Indian Casinos, but they have no smoking sections. Even without government regulations, can't restaurants, bowling centers, etc. implement their own no smoking policies? If somebody starts, maybe more will follow. The trouble with government regulations is sometimes they tend to piece by piece increase their regulations, and pretty soon it's out of control. They never know when to stop. Minimum government regs are okay, as long they don't keep pushing it.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA



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