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Secondhand Smoke
by Jerry Primmer


March 01, 2004

Dear Editor:

I support any kind of ordinance to protect people from secondhand smoke, and I hope the ordinance they are talking about includes taxicabs.

I drive a taxi here in town. People get in the taxicab and smoke, drop their ashes on the seats, and put out their cigarettes on the floor. The smoke film covers the windows and seeps into the seats and carpets. The smoke film stinks, and the smoke burns my nostrils. I have asthma, so when they light up, I can't breathe. Pretty soon I'm coughing and hacking and have trouble getting my breath.

I used to smoke myself. I quit in July 1988. I feel a lot better since I quit. (I had to quit because I had a hard time breathing.) I don't smoke, and I don't appreciate breathing other people's smoke. If they want to smoke at home, that's fine.

Thank you.

Jerry Primmer
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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