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By David G Hanger


February 05, 2021
Friday PM

What is your problem, GCI? Has your money-grubbing gotten in the way of any possible consideration of your product quality? There are a lot of us here who don’t like doing business with a media outfit owned by the local government that keeps dossiers over decades of its customers that are then used routinely for nefarious political purposes, but you are giving us little choice about looking in that direction because your television service is crap.

I am now the longest practicing tax accountant in this neighborhood, and if in any moment of that 45-year career I delivered the crud you are routinely delivering, I would not only be out of business, I would be dealing with lawsuits a mile long. There is no excuse for your junk.

It starts, of course, with the football playoffs. I know there are lots of Seattle fans around here, but none subscribing to GCI got to watch them in the playoffs because GCI flat turned the network off. No NFC games at all throughout the playoffs. No ABC, no FOX network, all turned off due to contract disputes. “We are fighting for you,” GCI reassures us. My ass!

You raised telephone rates and internet rates 30% in 2019. In a time when inflation has averaged 2.2% for years, and a whopping 1.9% for years before that GCI jacks their customers for an extra 30% without any improvement in service. Indeed, the internet is way overloaded much of the time, and is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

But it goes way beyond that, does it not? You have not broadcast a single football game that was in any sense comfortable or enjoyable to watch. The cheap feeds you are using on NBC and CBS preclude any possibility of that. Get this Juneau outfit out of business if it cannot provide a more reliable feed, a reliable schedule, and an “on demand” schedule for CBS. The feed is such garbage you are lucky to hear every third or fourth word; the rest of the time a shrill crackling like someone scratching on cardboard. On NBC we can hear most of the announcing, but 90% of the game feed is nothing but hundreds of square colored blocks.

Nor in all of this time have you made any effort whatsoever to fix any of this garbage.

Beyond that you are so backward it is pathetic. Down south you do not get a selection of a dozen or two movies on demand; you get 5000 and more. Apparently everything you are doing is on the cheap except the pocket-lining by the owners.

So you have a sweep of sorts. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, none of them are watchable, and it is not, as I have discovered, just the ball games. The news programs are scrambled, as is much of the daily programming. It is all junk.

Is that the best you can do, GCI? Your pride in your product seems to be non-existent. Fix it now, or find a new line of work. Seriously!

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received February 03, 2021 - Published February 05, 2021

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