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Gun Violence

By Rob B. Holston, Jr.


February 20, 2018
Tuesday PM

First let me say I own guns. I killed two deer this fall. I enjoy eating venison. I don’t pretend to have one silver bullet to solve the problem of gun violence in America today, but perhaps several bronze bullets.

I am conservative in my political views, yet will not support the NRA. I would support an organization that had a rational approach to controlling who owns weapons of mass destruction. We spend Billions to defeat rogue regimes around the world from attaining the A-bomb but allow 18 year-olds to walk in and lay down cash for an AR-15!

For years I have owned a business where we hire 16 & 17 year olds to work as deck hands on our tour boats. They are drug tested BEFORE being allowed to serve guests on board our vessels. Why? Public Safety! I am assuming that the airline industry has a more intensive screening process than that to qualify its pilots. They hold the future of many lives in their hands with their actions. They are screened and must meet standards. Why? Public Safety.

Let’s add drug testing AND more restrictive background checks to qualify anyone wanting to purchase or possess any firearm, especially weapons that hold more than six rounds. Why? Public Safety!

Statistical analysis of countries with similar cultures and far less gun violence seems to be the rational approach to designing a system for our great country. You don’t need to look much further than Canada to find a likely model of gun control to emulate. Why emulate Canada? Public Safety.

ESPN’s Stephen A. and Max were recently deriding the ownership of automatic weapons and spouting anti-gun platitudes after the Florida event and then ...... commercial break! It’s an ad for the motion picture, Black Panther. Like so many such films of recent years, the climaxing violence focuses on automatic weapons killing countless victims. Video games put the player in charge of automatic weapons or grenades or other means of killing people ........ why? It triggers pleasure points in the brain that are tied in with the natural flight/fight response mechanisms involving adrenalin and other chemical release. I seems macabre to me that Stephen A. and Max have their paychecks bolstered by violence but don’t dare to recognize that their sponsors like Black Panther type movies and video games promote a culture of violence and can easily be seen as a contributing factor to school shootings.

This culture of violence is also enhance by the “abortion on demand industry” that devalues life for the sake of profit for the industry and selfish convenience for women. Another example of taking of innocent human life that is at its most vulnerable state and relying upon society for protection........ as in gun control legislation, society fails.

Rob B. Holston, Jr.
gun owner thinking logically
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received February 19, 2018 - Published February 20, 2018

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