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ANWR: Why not lock it up?

By John Suter


February 02, 2015
Tuesday AM

The reason President Obama is locking up ANWR from oil development is because the state wouldn’t get anything from this development. The state is giving all of the money it would make from oil going through the pipeline this year and next year to the oil companies plus an additional 500 million dollars of cash from the state's savings account. The states motto is “Ask not what the oil companies can do for you, but what you can do for the oil companies”.

The state is following its motto to the letter. If ANWR was developed, the state would give all of the money it would get from the oil, to the oil companies plus additional hundreds of millions of dollars from its savings. So what the hey? The state is only going to give everything back to the oil companies anyway, plus give away additional free millions of dollars. So why develop it? Why not lock it up?

John Suter
Chugiak, Alaska


Received February 01, 2015 - Published February 02, 2015


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