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ANWR Bill Would Give Alaska a 90-10 Royalty Split With Feds


February 17, 2015
Tuesday AM

(SitNews) - U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK), last week co-sponsored with U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) S. 494, the Authorizing Alaska Production Act, which would allow for oil and gas development on the non-wilderness coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). S. 494 would allow for development of the 1.5 million acres of the Arctic coastal plain, part of the non-wilderness portion of ANWR’s 19 million acres.

“Responsibly developing the coastal plain of ANWR is vital to not only Alaska’s economic future, but to the energy security interests of America,” said Sullivan. “This legislation – which is supported by a vast majority of Alaskans – would create jobs, expand local, state and federal revenue streams, provide the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline with an additional long term source of energy, and reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.”

“For decades, Alaskans have responsibly developed our natural resources, while maintaining the highest environmental standards in the world – and for years Alaska’s representatives in Congress have put forth legislation to open up ANWR’s coastal plain for exploration and development. This stands in stark contrast to the recent Obama administration announcement that it would manage this area as Wilderness. No previous administration has made such claim, because they know that only Congress has the power to designate this region a Wilderness. We can’t let the Obama administration’s lawless actions stand.”

Friday, the Alaska Senate Majority voiced its support of Senators Murkowski's and Sullivan's legislation to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) coastal plain for oil and gas development.

“I’m very supportive of Senator Murkowski’s efforts to continue the national dialogue on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” said Senator John Coghill (R-North Pole). “If at all possible, the President should be forced to make a decision on the legislation. Anything that can be done to fight back against an overtly hostile national executive branch is welcomed.”

S. 494 would give Alaska a 90-10 royalty as promised at statehood, instead of the 50-50 royalty introduced in legislation in previous years.

“It’s a shame we have to pass a law to get the federal government to do what they’re supposed to in the first place,” said Senator Pete Kelly (R-Fairbanks).

President Obama’s proposal to lock-up an additional 5 million acres in ANWR will mean the area will effectively be managed as wilderness until Congress acts.

“This is a move in the right direction to restore the proper balance between agreements and understandings dating back to the beginning of statehood,” said Senator Mike Dunleavy (R-Mat-Su Valley). “All Alaska wants is for the federal government to live up to its promises and agreements.”

Included in the legislation are environmental protections for fish and wildlife habitat and subsistence resources.

“Why wouldn’t you want to develop resources in Alaska where environmental standards are the highest?” said Senate President Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage). “Instead, this administration is running the oil companies out of America to places like China, Russia, or the Middle East, where environmental standards are much lower.”

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