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Flush this! Or... You’re eating what?
By Dennis Simpson


February 18, 2013
Monday PM

So, having raised the fifth generation in my family in Ketchikan, we moved to the Seattle area.  Frequently, I miss all Ketchikan had to offer and still today the idea of paying for fish is unsettling.  However, I gladly do and only buy Alaskan and have since 1984 recommended to friends, associates, anyone who would listen, only Alaskan fish.  Now and then we even splurge and buy that ‘river’ salmon at $29.00 a pound.  So much for all that.  May as well eat Washington fish, even Puget Sound fish - -well, maybe.

This may be just a rant from another old timer that remembers when.  Before Alaska became a state there were certainly things in the water but you would think everyone would know better now.  Somehow, in all the craziness that is the lower 48, (and if you haven’t been here for awhile, save yourself) I’ve held in mind that there were still so many folks in Alaska that knew what was good for them, their economy and the future.  

I’ll miss the fish and the opportunities to brag about them, the folks that do the catching, and what I recall as common sense even among those who had strong political differences.  

While not optimistic, I’ll remain hopeful for signs of insight, perspective, and political will that can serve the interests of all.

Here’s to a prosperous and  healthy season.

Dennis Simpson
Seattle, WA


Received February 13, 2013 - Published February 18, 2013





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