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Life does begin at conception!
By Cathy Brauning


February 12, 2013
Tuesday PM

It been 40 years since the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion. Could  nine men really  declare that  it was now legal to destroy another human‘s life?  Well, they did, and now I want to ask you “how has that worked out for us, as a nation and individuals?”  I was a teenager in the 60’s and saw first hand the beginning of a great moral decline in America. “Free love” was touted as the thing that would change our nation and free us from all the restrictions of our predecessors.  Well that mindset did change our nation, but not for the better.  The foundational unit of our society, the family, is rapidly disintegrating. And part of that process is due to legally being able to get rid of the product of our “free love.”  Nothing is ever free. Someone always pays for it.  And in this case it is not only the baby and mom, but our society as a whole.

Life does begin at conception! Every time an abortion is performed a beating heart is stopped and measurable brain waves are terminated. It is not just a blob of tissue. The child has a distinct set of genetics separate from its parents. So why are we destroying  these lives?  Convenience!  But what is convenient is not always prudent.  And it is never prudent to try and re-write God’s laws.  God says do not kill! Yet Americans have killed 53 million babies since Roe v Wade. What are we doing?  These babies are made in God’s image, as you and I are.  He values them, and us, above all his creation.  

Wake up America!  I implore anyone thinking about aborting their child to face up to their situation and take responsibility for their actions. There are just as many families waiting to adopt as there are abortions performed in America. Give someone else the joy of raising your child. They will thank you and so will your child. You never know what God has planned for that little one’s life.

Cathy Brauning
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 10, 2013 - Published February 12, 2013





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