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Hypocrite Thy Name is Democrat
By Gene Peterson


February 07, 2013
Thursday AM

Dear Mary Kauffman, I love Sitnews. It is always the first thing I read in the morning. But I have to take issue with one of your news stories: GOP bill would discharge cruiseship sewage in Alaska waters. When you use the Democrat's propaganda as news, there will be problems. It is like using PETA as a source of information on lamb chops, or the Ku Klux Klan on race.

If the Democrats weren't such hypocrites they would ban sewage wastewater from being dumped into the ocean by the Democrat's strongholds of Sitka and Juneau.

Oh, I can hear the objections already: But, but, Sitka and Juneau treat their sewage before they dump the wastewater. A quick review will show you that cruise ships have better sewage treatment facilities than many communities in southeast Alaska.

I say, Well done Gov. Keep up the good work. The cruise industry deserves to be treated fairly. They bring a lot of business to Southeast Alaska

Gene Peterson
Ketchikan, AK


About: " I am a libertarian type guy, who believes that the Democrats won t let the truth get in the way of a good spin doctoring, just as they would kill the golden goose for another nugget of power. "

Received February 05, 2013 - Published February 07, 2013


House Republicans Repeal Citizen Initiative; GOP bill would discharge cruiseship sewage in Alaska waters




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