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Commercial Drug Testing
By Geord Kleinschmidt


February 05, 2013
Tuesday AM

It was interesting to read about the City's decision to enforce the testing of contractors and their crews who work on City of Ketchikan jobs. The City might want to consider the unintended consequences of such action because I believe the problem is more widespread than one might imagine.

Davis Bacon jobs are high paying and these wages enable drug use and distribution of illegal substances. I have always felt strongly that drugs do not belong in the work place and I think that all contractors should request and demand drug testing of themselves, their crews and associates, who are in any way connected to the public purse. I personally invite testing at any of my own.

It's more difficult for the police to catch these guys than it is for the City to take away the public purse. It seems simple to me - no job, less dope.

Geord Kleinschmidt
Ketchikan, AK

PS: Imagine the destructive power of a heavy dump truck, with 20-30 tons of payload on its back, driven by someone high on drugs....


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Received February 04, 2013 - Published February 05, 2013


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