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The decline of our fish
By Arthur Kennedy


February 05, 2013
Tuesday AM

Wow! 30 million dollars to study our king salmon? There's nothing to study. It might take years to study when only common sense is needed to apply. King salmon need food, they need the herring. Stop harvesting the herring for commercial use. At least rotate the fishing of herring yearly.

Anyone should know if you over harvesting anything you'll run out. King salmon need the herring for food. The birds, seal, sea lions all need the herring. Kill off the herring, what do you have? Nothing! Simple as that. One whale well eat one ton of herring a day, pay the people from up north to harvest more whales all the way from Cook Inlet to southeast - a lot better then wasting $30 million. It would be a lot better to also give the funds to the canneries and cold storages to get them up and running again. More jobs. Give the fishermen funds to repair their boats.

When we fished we'd clean and find bullheads kelp fish shiners in our kings, and other salmon were feeding on them also.

The people that don't know the fish need to talk too the fisherman that have been doing this for their living.

Don't harvest year after year in the same places, rotate. It just takes common sense to figure it out. Only reason our kings and other salmon are getting smaller is because they need the herring to feed on. Duh!

Also any feedback or ideas would be nice. You keep sending the herring roe to Japan - the herring can't make a come back.

Thank you,

Arthur Kennedy
Hydaburg, AK

About: "I've been a fisherman all my life, also was on the fish and game board in Ketchikan, but had to leave for medical. But I have been keeping up with the decline of our fish and not just the king."

Received February , 2013 - Published February 05, 2013

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