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Assault on Democracy?
By Gene Peterson


February 02, 2013
Saturday AM

Thank you Sitnews for giving me the biggest laugh on the month.

Daven Hafey of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) screams out the warning: ... democratic process is under direct threat in Alaska... (This from a representative of a large liberal fascist organization that has no regard for the wishes of the people of Southeast Alaska.)

What is it that Daven is upset about?

First, well, the Administration changed a mission statement without consulting SEACC. A mission statement? ..... Oh, my god, our democracy is in danger.

Oh and then, the Governor wants to change some of the provisions of the citizens initiative that was passed 6 years ago (with the help of SEACC). Most of you will remember that initiative. It is the one that sets standards for what a cruise ship can dump. Standards set so high that it would be illegal to dump Ketchikan s drinking water out of a cruise ship because we have copper in our drinking water. (Frankly, I wonder what took the Governor so long to begin bringing sanity to that initiative.)

When you finally get toward the end, you get to see what is really causing consternation in the hidden star chambers of SEACC. The legislature might finally put some limits on how much judicial obstructionism and blackmail that SEACC can utilize in its anti-democratic, and anti-development objectives.

Hopefully, the legislature will finally begin to limit the number of tools that the fascist liberals have in obstructing progress.

I may not agree with everything that our Governor and legislature is doing, but if they are causing SEACC to foam at the mouth and utter that extraordinary gibberish, they are obviously doing something right.

Gene Peterson
gene_peterson [at]
Ketchikan, AK

About:"Obviously, I am not a big fan of SEACC, or the rest of the manipulative anti-development lefists."

Received January 31, 2013 - Published February 02, 2013

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