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Open Letter: Is there some place we can relocate?
By A. M. Johnson


February 29, 2012
Wednesday PM


The following has been sent to our local Assembly members: I want to plant a economic seed with you. One never knows when a seed will take root, one can only plant and wait.

As each of you drive over the Third Ave. Bypass, peer over to the land mass behind the airport towards Blank Inlet. Notice the makeup of the ground by the composite of the airport backstop of solid rock. Look at the surface of land to see that muskeg is non existent making the development of this vast section of relative flat land easy for leveling.

As you view this vista picture a campus complex perhaps of 400 potential employees, sitting on this developed land, with view towards Metlakatla. Visualize private home construction going up the gentle slope towards Bostwick lake, which will contribute to the H2O needs of Island development.

Start to think of the positive assets Ketchikan has. No floods, No tornadoes, No forest fires, low crime, existing schools, utilized Community College, Improving medical facilities, various tax or property incentives by the Borough.Then to the benefits of relocating to Alaska (Ketchikan), Employees sharing in the annual Permanent fund distribution, Low Corporate tax, no personal income tax, State participation in funding based on eligibility, Ask yourself, "What do we have to do to achieve this picture to success?"

Who owns all of that land? How do we corral all the permits and access to development information to present to any potential businesses seeking to relocate to more favorable location? How able and willing are the local governments permitting/economic developments towards the concept of thinking outside of the box?

An additional benefit of this effort would be the justification for the bridge. With the time frame to garner ownership/permits, land development, facility construction including housing as projected, the justification for the bridge being constructed in the same time frame seems correct.

How can this concept be advanced, and at what cost? I would suppose that exploring the attitude of the economic department of the borough to ascertain willingness to explore the concept.I see it in six stages.

One: Acceptance of the concept.

Two: Begin the process of gathering what is required to obtain ownership of the various lands in a given sector of this acreage. Three: Conception cad system development of the land.

Four: Conception cad system of hypothetical view of what a complex would consist of and projected views.

Five:Development of a full presentation of the potential and benefits of this location comprised of the aforementioned attributes.

Six: Seek community volunteers (Not me-too old) to be prepared to travel and make a video/personal presentation. It would be suggested that trade shows reflecting the industry or technology sectors. Where the volunteers would set up a kiosk and present or answer questions. Another concept would be to have a television advertisement video ready to go with set aside funding, for the purpose of buying TV time following a local disaster where the question in the subject line would be asked. Either some person who attended a trade show and saw the promotion, or a CEO seeing the TV advertisement could or would become interested.

There, my umpteenth effort to contribute to the economic improvement of my community.

You are welcome,

Ketchikan, AK

About: "Old Pond Reef contrarian who enjoys thinking "outside of the box""

Received February 29, 2012 - Published February 29, 2012



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