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By Linda Bell


February 24, 2012
Friday PM

There is a former Sheriff... Sheriff Richard Mack who has been traveling all over America for several years giving talks on the importance of law enforcement to understand and obey the oath they took to protect individual Rights. (He throws in corruption from D.C. that has been going on for decades also.)

He wrote a 47 page booklet called "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" on how the Sheriff answers to no one but the people who voted him in as Sheriff. This booklet is a real eye opener. Click on you won't be disappointed.

Linda Bell
Boise, ID

About: "I have been studying and researching information for years on why America is in such a mess and in my research, happened on Sheriff Mack. He came to my hometown a couple years ago to talk and I have talked to him on the phone when ordering his books. This is a man very dedicated for the cause of Liberty."

Received February 21, 2012 - Published February 24, 2012



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