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'Just Another Routine Fright North'
By Marshall H. Massengale


February 20, 2012
Monday PM

Although I'm a lower 48er, I always enjoy reading Dave Kiffer's columns his frequent digressions and occasional misspellings and other grammatical faux pas notwithstanding.  But it seems every so often, hizzoner the author takes a cut or two at the "hometown airline."  

Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt but as an aviation enthusiast, former frequent flyer and airline employee myself, I always find Dave's columns on the subject irresistibly entertaining.  Of course, this article, like all the others of his columns I have read, are written from his own point of view--that of a passenger--but he might want to try to write one perhaps the other side of a ticket counter for a change.  Weather delays, equipment delays, etc. are frustrating for everyone including airline people.  Been there, done that, and got the tee shirt myself on that score.  But a good sense of humor, regardless of one's point of view, is always a plus no matter what side you're on.  Gotta wonder, for instance, whether the airline folks in Sitka or Juneau ever try to make book on whether after wheels up a flight will go on to the next stop or turn back so that they'll have to face the same ornery folks they thought they'd just got off.

Kind Regards,

Marshall H. Massengale
Suger Hill, GA


Received February 20, 2012 - Published February 20, 2012

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